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Love Actually? The Unauthorized Musical Parody

"Tim Drucker's efficient staging flies like Santa over Saudi Arabia, leaving the ever-changing performers dripping in sweat by the end."


"Now, they can be credited with yet another success in the form of Love Actually?, which takes the characters from Richard Curtis' original film and, under the direction of Tim Drucker, gives them a bit more flare than would have otherwise been deemed appropriate."


"Directed with fluid ferocity by Tim Drucker, the musical treats this with hilarious, remarkable speed fast enough to give you whiplash. In the hands of this expert cast of six, the piece flies through scene after scene of over-the-top characterizations and misadventures. "

-Onstage Blog

"Tim Drucker directs six insanely talented actors in a multitude of roles."


"In response, Love Actually? The Unauthorized Musical Parody is uproariously funny and may actually enhance your love affair with the movie.

It’s been said that parody is an act of love. The show’s creators, Bob & Tobly McSmith and Basil Winterbottom, prove that here with a loving send up of every last detail. The film runs over two hours, and includes eight converging plotlines. The McSmiths manage to get it all into 90 minutes. Under the direction of Tim Drucker, the pacing, along with the actors’ larger than life impersonations of the film’s stars (they're listed according to each celeb's, rather than each character's, first name), make it feel as though we’re watching the film on fast-forward, pausing just long enough when the jokes are substantial enough for a musical number. "

-Theatre is Easy